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The Third Kuldkepp Summit




Will be on the second of August 2008 in the village of Kootsi, which is situated between Suure-Jaani and Vändra, (se attached map) Kootsi is exactly on the 20 km sign.

There will not be any entrance fee.

It will be possible to buy soup and sašlõkk, but we recommend you to bring your own picnic bag, because it is very hard to estimate the number of participants and the food soup and barbeque might not be enough to all of us.


Those of you who play some music instrument, please bring it to the party.

Bring with you whatever that might ad value to our party, wheater it is music poetry or something else. Most of all bring your postive attitude!


Let us together by common effort create a succes of this Kuldkepp Summit -party!


Please bring your badges from last year. It will be possible to print and buy new badges, but it will be time consuming and the cost will be 10 EEK.


For those of us who needs accomodation we will try to organize that among other participants living nearby. Tents is possible to put up on the summit - party field. It will also be possible to sleep in the Kaansoo school building but you need to bring your personal sleeping bag.

If you need assistance with accomodation please send an email to: eha05@hot.ee (Eha Kuldkepp).

We also need assistance by persons who are skilled to work with computers, if you are please send an email to  Andrus Kuldkepp : kuldkepp_sugupuu@yahoo.com.




Saturday August 2 2008.


11.00 – 13.00 Registration

13.00                                   Welcome speach

13.30                                   Discussion about the future of our summits

                                            a, the museum issue

                                            b, Speeches

14.30                                   Lunch / picnic

15.00                                   The party starts


Party ends at bedtime


See you on the summit!